Our Story

American Helping Hands is a business driven by people. We hope you'll take a moment to watch the video to the left and get an introduction to some of the people and stories that make us who we are. Enjoy this brief introduction then explore the rest of our site!

Through your support, creating jobs for the disabled

At American Helping Hands, our core mission statement is "We help people." We currently operate as a call center, local distributor, and web sales retailer.

We provide American made products to consumers while fulfilling our goal of providing employment to those in need of second chances.

Our amazing employees are the true driving force behind our business. The individuals that keep the warehouse and production of AHH products each have some form of physical or mental challenge. These employees are placed at jobs according to their abilities and are constantly encouraged to try new things. They form the soul of our company, and there is truly never a dull moment because of their joy! Through the support of our customers, many of our employees have literally rebuilt their lives while working at American Helping Hands.

We are extremely proud of the accomplishments of all our team members. We strive daily to provide you with an expanding line of products while inviting you to partner with us in the life changing communal process of recovery. Thank you for your continued support and assistance!